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Tiny Tanks game is cool in many ways. First of all, it’s a perfect game because it marries the hardcore gunfire and action aspects still on fire at the system’s heart, and pleases those younger players to whom Mario, Sonic, and Crash. He also swears cruelly. Of course, all of the bad words are bleeped out, so tiny is kid-safe. Thankfully, Tiny Tanks is humorous and chatters sort of like the trio of noodle-heads on secrecy knowledge Theater 3000. Aside from his clown manner, this game is decent shooting game, filled with 25-plus levels and a solid amount of diversity. For the most part, levels are search-and-destroy missions, varied up infrequently with sheer blasting levels, and objective-based missions. So while they’re amusing for a short time, the lasting value of the game for me was tapering. However, the original tiny is sufficient and the missions not so complex that a younger era of kids are going to love this game. Each level takes place in the future, after Tiny Tanks enemy MuTank takes over the earth. The main goal of the game is to get kills and win games to level up and make coins to buy upgraded tank parts! Make your own sole tank from the parts you have unlocked and give yourself an edge over your friends.

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